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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Get some Java and Spend some Time with Jane in Java

Educators who share and really understand the transformative power of teaching and connecting are inspirations! They can be halfway across the world and their energy and zest for living and learning can be felt like the sun lights planet earth.

So, a big shout of Thank you to my friend Julie Lindsay for finding Jane Ross (a/k/a Jane in Java) in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Twitter:  http://www.twitter.com/janeinjava
Blog: 1:1 in Practice at Sinarmas World Academy - http://1to1inpractice.blogspot.com/

This is seriously one of the most choc full, amazing blogs I've seen in ages. From her amazing student presentations at the mall to her really cool ebook on Moviemaking with kids, to first grade keynotes about what they eat for lunch (as part of the playnormous competition going on now)- the work they are doing will amaze you!

Maybe what some people need here in the USA (and other countries who have rested on their laurels for so long) is to spend a little time with a cup 'o Java with Jane in Java to CAFFEINATE their desire to progress and move ahead. 
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