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Friday, October 23, 2009

WatchKnow Has Launched: Wiki-fying Educational Videos

This wiki based site organizes videos that will help kids learn:  meet WatchKnow.  In fact, don't just meet watch know, edit it a bit while you're at it.

How to Edit on WatchKnow

Just one catch, dude -- the videos it indexes ARE HOSTED ON YOUTUBE!!!  So, can you allow youtube videos without allowing youtube in your school?  I don't know but I do know that again, we are faced with this seemingly age old discussion of adding some sort of layer on top of youtube videos that Bud the Teacher and I discussed some time back. (See his post: for Vicki: An Expanded Tweet) and my original post on Youtube edu.

Again, Bud keeps coming back to the point that somehow he thinks I'm advocating youtube censorship!  NO such thing.  This is about repurposing youtube and making it work in such a way to be usable for education.  I'm not sure yet, but suspect that something like WatchKnow will do just that: but those who filter are going to have to figure out how this could work.

Hat tip to Gary Sanger and Stephen Downes for this one.
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