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Embedding professional development can be as easy as volunteering to judge or serve as an expert advisor for one of our Flat Classroom projects. We mentor you, share rubrics, and bring you into the project as one who can observe closely what is happening.

Being a judge and/or an advisor on a Flat Classroom project is excellent PD and also helps you understand the project better, leading in many cases to teachers putting students into the project the following year.  We also encourage teacher-educators to build this into their course and encourage pre-service or in-service teachers to participate.

Flat Classroom projects have students studying the trends in Thomas Friedman's book, the World is Flat - updating his information and mashing it up with current research to produce a wiki chock-full of information and learning experiences. Then, they create final videos on their topic and outsource part of their video to their partners. Expert advisors mentor students on the wiki-creation process. Judges review and judge the video portion of the project.

The NetGenEd project is run once a year and mashes up the Horizon Report and Don Tapscott's NetGen Norms from his book Grown Up Digital producing a powerful, authentic research wiki on today's hottest trends as they relate to this generation and written by this generation. This is an intense project and one that always teaches us a lot!

We have THREE amazing projects happening right now:
We need Judges and Expert Advisors to sign up NOW. All information is on the sign-up form, leading to wiki links.

We look forward to hearing from you via the online form, and will be in touch again very soon.
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