Daily Education & Technology News for Schools 03/17/2011

  • I'm testing hashable as are many people. Added this to my iphone. This helps us track our connections. Just note that this is one of those that can share to Twitter or you can opt out - watch what you're doing.

    This video will explain how Hashable works. many use this as a personal "CRM" system (customer relationship management) but really you could also use this as a personal "SRM" (sutdent relationship management system)

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  • From Linda Gaudrea, an upcoming English teacher in Maine wrote this great comment and shared her project. I wanted you to see it and join in:

    ""Those of you who have heard me speak will recognize this - but it has to be said. The fact that you are reading a blog puts you in the minority!" When I read this line I knew immediately what you were talking about. When I tell my friends about what I am learning in my class, many have no idea of possibilities. So, that lead me to this project I am working on. http://heyamoose12.soup.io/ is my project where I directly ask students questions about education and the hold up a sign with the answer."

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