Daily Education & Technology News for Schools 03/11/2011

  • If you are having trouble with your web browser making changes to your hard drive or if you have a person on staff who ALWAYS gets viruses from the Internet, Sandboxie might be an option for you. Free (after 30 days you get a 5 second nag screen while launching the internet) you install it and it doesn't allow the web browser when run in Sandboxie to make any changes to the hard drive. May be helpful for some of you. I'd like to know more about other options!

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  • Elevate the education conversation with your voice! We encourage students to submit videos that...

    Offer new ideas for what education could be, and/or
    Inspire others to transform education, and/or
    Propose specific actions you or others can take to improve education in your community

    Video Guidelines: 2 - 3 minutes long (not a hard and fast rule), use first names only, please only show youth age 13 or older and who have given you permission to be in the video, use family-friendly language, give credit to your sources, and remember: your audience is the world!

    Two of the top 5 are Flat Classroom related videos.

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  • A wonderful collection of free worlds!! Start with these! There are also some very cool worlds that meet standards! Like:

    "Title: CSI Virtual World
    Author: Greenbush Education Service Center
    Description: CSI Lab is a project based virtual world where students solve crimes by testing virtual blood samples and inspecting collected evidence. These exercises are designed to address the ISTE National Educational Technology Standards 1a-d, 2a-d, 4a-d, and 6a-d"

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  • Blamgates are cool. The let you instantly teleport from one grid to another. The default is that they are disabled in OpenSim but you can turn on this functionality.

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  • Here is how you do oar files on open sim. It is a simple way to share islands and move them around.

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