Some Day: Inspiration to Find Happiness TODAY Amidst the Stress

The Three StoogesImage by twm1340 via FlickrSome days you open the milk in the fridge and it has gone bad but you don't realize it until a big clump of pre-cottage cheese has fallen on the cereal.

Some days your youngest child comes in with a "Moe" haircut because he wanted to get the hair out of his eyes and couldn't wait until Monday.

Some days you go to school to see that the unexpected air conditioner repairmen have trashed your room and that a full 1/3 of the computers are unplugged.

Some days you try to move the computers back with the help of the janitor and a monitor and table fall on your head while you're back in the corner.

Some days something precious to you has been taken off your desk and you know it is one of 8 students - all of whom deny it.

Some days you turn off messaging when your child is with you overseas and the cell phone company messes up and starts charging you for every message your child sent when they returned and sends you a bill for over $1200.

Some day I'll be happy...

No. I won't be happy someday - I'll be happy today.

Sure sometimes things fall on you like the monitor fell on my head yesterday morning.

Things happen. That is life.

At the end of yesterday (my someday in the story above) I came home, got in the bed and turned on my old time favorite, Little House on the Prairie,  and Mary Ingall's baby died in a fire that Albert inadvertently started when he was smoking in the basement of the blind school. (I found out this script for May We Make Them Proud went on to win several awards for Michael Landon, the author and actor who played Charles Ingalls.)

So, I sobbed. I cried as Mary was lost in insanity for a period as she denied the baby was dead and her husband went to New York to get away from her and Albert ran away. Life is so unfair. It all welled together into noiseless sobs (noiseless so my family wouldn't know I was crying - that upsets them.)

But then, at the end, as usual, there was a very touching scene. Johnathan - Charles Ingalls' best friend, whose wife had also died in the fire - said something like this to Albert Ingalls who had run away:

"We can't bring them back, but the question is, are we going to live our lives in a way that will make them proud?"

I can't undo the computer on my head - I CAN get the cell company to straighten out their billing mistake - I can buy new milk - My son's "Moe" haircut will grow out -  I can buy another of the thing stolen from me - but I can't buy another day ruined by unhappiness of my own making.

These are the things of life.

Some days things just happen like this but we cannot wait for some day to be happy.

If we do - we're never happy because something is wrong with every day - but you know what - something is RIGHT with every day too!

During the day, my baby sister Skyped me and called me as she was driving home to check on me - and she's one of the busiest women I know. She loves me.

After school, I came home, and my oldest son gave up his Xbox game so I could watch 2 episodes of Lost. (That is a BIG deal.) He loves me.

My Mom called me to check on me too. She loves me.

 I ended up yesterday flipping between a show about married people losing weight and American Idol sitting on the bed and laughing with my youngest son and daughter. My husband listened to me vent after we went to bed even though he was tired.

These people love me.

Today I will be happy and grateful for this day God has given me. Today is the someday I will be happy.

How about you?
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