Daily Education & Technology News for Schools 03/22/2011

  • I got a nice thank you note from Miranda Adams from the blogger post I wrote yesterday. I hope you'll take time to read her third grade blog. Here is her mission:

    "I teach third grade in a HIGH poverty county. I am the ONLY teacher I know of in my area that uses a blog to try to bridge the home-school gap but I'm at a loss for how to do it. I truly want to make a difference because I feel like I am the only person some of these kids have."

    What a beautiful teacher and a hero! This is a lovely blog and obviously a work of love!

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  • One teacher reflects on how she feels "post-Wisconsin." Many teachers are hurting these days.

    "During my five years as a teacher I have learned that no matter what happens, the kids will be there the next day. They will show up and expect me to educate them, and they deserve that. There is little or no room to recover or wallow, and certainly no forgiveness in terms of wavers in classroom productivity and performance."

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  • Kindle has options for real page numbers. This is very useful for teachers. This from Stephen Windwalker over at the Kindle Kids Corner where my students are providing reviews but Stephen is adding some great content for kids, teachers, parents including a great post on free Kindle books for kids.

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