Attracting Girls to Technology and Science: Pat Yongpradit, a program that works.

We don't know why so many intelligent, smart young ladies steer away from technology and science-related fields.

We don't know why one of the highest growth industries in the world that allows the excellent to telecommute from home and gives some of the greatest flexibility in work hours doesn't attract more young women.

But, lets start with something we do know. We do know that teacher,  Pat Yongpradit, winner of Microsoft Innovative Educators Forum last October in Cape Town, South Africa, is attracting young girls into his Computer Science program through an after school video game programming club.

Meet Pat, a young teacher introducing young girls into the exciting field of Computer Science.

I spent some time interviewing Pat last October in Cape Town and want to share his interview here.

If you've got a story like Pat's, please take the time to apply for Microsoft's Innovative Educator Forum. The applications are due on May 15th. It is an excellent program (and John Medina is keynoting this year's conference.)

I apologize that I misspelled Pat's last name. I couldn't post this video this morning because of Blogger's extended outage and just got back to my home computer now. I will fix his name and reupload, but want his message to get out while there is still time for you to apply to this incredible conference!

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