Pat Conroy's Inspiration for Teachers

For teacher appreciation week, author Pat Conroy has released a lovely video.

Most captivating to me are his words:

"I didn't know if I could teach or not, but they let me know I could. And the teaching caught up, it caught inside me and I could not help it." 
Most good authors are teachers at heart. They teach us with words. I'll never forget that Pat's book Beach Music was one of my first that I listened to as an audiobook. My children were small and I was a stay at home Mom. I didn't think I could make it through the days and I plugged in the book (into my walkman cd player) and listened. Transported to another world, it helped my world of diapers and Barnie.

When the note came across my inbox from his publicity company, I had to jump at the chance to be the first
blog to feature this video. (The ebook that is offered is through Pat's organization and has no affiliation or endorsement here.) It takes me back and also takes us forward as we remember why we teach.

Here's to you, teachers!

From his publicity company:

"Long before he became a famous author of novels such as The Prince of Tides and The Lords of Discipline, Pat Conroy taught elementary school in an impoverished community on Daufuskie Island off the coast of South Carolina. His book, The Water Is Wide (1972), which was honored by the National Education Association, was largely based on his experiences. In this heartwarming video, Conroy and a former student discuss his unique teaching methods—it's sure to inspire teachers, students, parents, and all those invested in education and our children's future! We hope to set a trend by sharing this video—feel free to pick up the embed code and post it on your site, too. Everyone deserves a few minutes of inspiration!"

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