My School Wins Best Independent School in Georgia! Go Westwood!

It is an honor to be working at the 2010-2011 GISA School of the Year, Westwood Schools. The Georgia Independent School Association gives an award to the school with the most wins across all areas of competition. 

It is a point system and only one award is given for all divisions. We are a Single A school and yet, we have won the award!

I can't help it, you have to let me brag! I don't do this much, but today, I'm dripping with pride.

We are celebrating the 40 years of Westwood and this is a fitting way to celebrate this year.

I am very proud to be a graduate of Westwood and a teacher and parent here as well. Over half of my life has been spent here. We may be small and many dismiss us because we are in a rural location. Many of our students (and teachers) have dirt under our fingernails from work on the farm. When we need something, we raise the money - and there's never enough money, really.
We have had some tough times, most recently when a charter school opened up and recruited many of our students. But we are here and back up over 400.

This is a great school and it is wonderful to see the school and all the people who work so hard here being recognized. We have great coaches, students, parents and especially teachers. Are we perfect - no. Are we great - YES!

I can't hide my Wildcat pride.

We Have 2 Jobs Open Right Now
Oh, by the way, we have 2 openings right now in our language arts department that happened during the last week. (Grades 6-9 are open.)  We're located in Camilla, Georgia and you can email your resume to If you want to get rich teaching, I wouldn't apply. If you want a rich life, you're welcome to join us in our tiny town of beautiful people and hard work.

To Learn More About My School:
Wildcat Facebook Fan Page
Westwood TV on YouTube
Westwood Twitter Account
Westwood News Blog

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