A look in the Mind of Your Toughest Student

Jo McLeay shared a touching letter in her comments on a post I wrote this past week  about 5 Stories to Inspire Teachers to Never Let Anyone Steal Your Joy where I commented about a "secret student" who is stealing things off my desk in my room this year.

So many veteran teachers have reached out on the blog, Twitter and via email to say, YES! You have tough times as a teacher. Jo is one of those veteran teachers and a personal encouragement to me on this blog from day one.

I think this look inside the mind of a difficult student will give you hope. May we all be so fortunate as to get a letter one day like this.

A Letter From a Difficult Student
Hi Vicki, I know that what you have said is true; a few weeks ago I got this message from an ex student -

"I know it's been ages and everything, but I was thinking before how
horrible and annoying I was in high school and in your class, it was
completely immature and selfish of me to of acted that way. I know
this is no excuse there really is no excuse for being a rude, disruption
when your trying to do your job and students are trying to learn, but I
was going through a fair bit off stuff at that time. Yea so I
realize this is really random but just wanted to say sorry, and that you
were a really caring and dedicated teacher and students are lucky to
have you."

High school students in Australia are from 12 to 18 and she was in the younger range when she was in my class 6 to 8 years ago. She was one of the most difficult students I had in my career. I can't begin to tell you what it meant to me. You too may get this sort of message from the very student who is now plaguing you. Hang in there.
Jo McLeay

Thank you Jo. And to all of you out there, hang in there! 
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