News Has A New Face: Meporter

Meporter has launched. Meporter is available online and has free apps (Android coming soon) that let you take pictures and write reports on the news and "cut out the middleman" with the mainstream media being considered the middleman in this case.

Sign up is pretty simple. You don't have to use the app and can submit online directly. It does say you can "earn" by posting. It would be interesting to see if some of those who are unemployed over the summer may see this as an opportunity.

It will take time to see if the community has a way to self correct and rate reporters, but this is very intriguing. When I was a reporter for a newspaper they spent quite a bit of time teaching me about a journalists code of ethics. As I signed up, I didn't see anything like that. (I.e. Disclosures, getting both sides of the story, etc.)

Concerns aside-- Citizen journalism may just have a new face: ME (and you.)

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