Today I start preplanning. The students start Thursday. Make no mistake, my school year starts today.


I am at the center of my own attitude. I own it, it is mine.

I can blame no one for "putting me in a bad mood" for this is My Att-I-tude.

The attitude of another is really an Att-U-Tude - it belongs to them. It is theirs.

While I cannot pretend that injustice does not exist or that wrong attitudes aren't there in others, I am not practicing self deception.

I am only saying that if I can keep a positive frame of reference. Hope. Joy in the small things. Focus on why I am here: to teach.

IF I can have a positive Att-I-tude my hope for a great school year has just multiplied exponentially.

My Att-I-tude is a delicate light bulb twisted into the receptacle of my heart. I must guard it. It is my light.

For the barbed words of others who have lost their own light shoot from their mouths trying to shatter this delicate Att-I-Tude of mine.

I can deflect the barbs of negativity by running away. I can deflect them by making a decision that this is my Att-I-tude and I will protect it.

Stresses abound and politics do too, but a great classroom starts with a teacher who has a great attitude. I have spent my life studying and learning for this moment but unless I think I can, all of that is for nothing.

Claim it: I am master of my own Att-I-tude and for my sake and the sake of my students, I will focus on what I CAN change: me and my classroom.

Let's start!

Remember your noble calling, teacher!

Note: Written this past Monday but due to a Blogger glitch could not post it then.
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