Beginning the school year well starts with YOU!

Getting ready for school to start is so stressful. We don't officially start back till next week but I was at school all day today trying to get computers, projectors, everything ready.

There comes a point where all you can do is all you can do.

It always seems to be like this. No matter what I do something doesn't go quite right. Someone forgets to tell me something important that I need to do. I forget something important that I need to do.

Or, the power goes out. Like it just did. :-)

Plan ahead. Make your list. Remember to take time to rest and exercise. Eat right. Take care of yourself so you are ready to succeed. Life is short and these are important days.

Beginning well starts with beginning the school year by taking care of yourself. Be well so you can begin well.

Remember your noble calling, teacher.

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Photo: Vicki Davis

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