Google has taken down our Flat Classroom forms and Julie's blog

Update: We are not sure why or how this happened, but we are back up. Tons of passwords changed. Thank goodness for Backupify - the service we use to back up our Google docs.   I will share about this later. Thank you to the Google Certified Teachers, Google employees and others who helped us with this problem and thank you especially to Lisa Durff, our Flat Classroom coordinator who really helps us keep things running.

Have we been hacked? What has happened? Right now, Julie Lindsay in China and I communicate through Google. Our forms, etc. are through Google. She is in China and has to use a firewall to use Google.

Has she been hacked or is so much traffic out of China being hackers that they think she is a hacker? Who knows, but either way, our forms our down and much of what we do with Flat Classroom is DOWN.

We're working to restore our application forms.

I'm also getting this notice SOMETIMES on my blog which makes me think that perhaps something I'm linking to that is Flat Classroom related has been compromised.

Please oh please don't cause me to lose my blog, Google.

Here is the message I've gotten sometimes on my blog. I've scanned every line of code on my blog - it is definitely something I am linking to that has been hacked and not my blog itself.

Any advice is helpful. I've reported this to Google as many ways as I know how.

I removed EVERY link to a .ru site I had (I was on the "voice of Russia" recently about Flat Classroom so those links were legit. Removed them anyway.)

I don't know how far this will go but know that Flat Classroom isn't going anywhere -it make take some time to get this back together.

I think this is coming from Julie's account as her blog has now been removed! She is going to just flip out!

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