The Start of a New Year

My wise curriculum director, Betty Shiver, always starts the first teacher's meeting by saying:

"Teaching is one of the few professions where you get to totally start over every year."

She went on to remind us to truly make it a new start.

  • Look at every student with fresh eyes and be willing to let them change. 
  • Look at every class with a new attitude to reach them.
  • Look at parents in a way that respects their desire to see their children succeed.
New. New. New.

Be willing to change your mind
Yesterday I talked about your Att-I-Tude.

Today it is about being willing to change your mind.

Be willing to change your mind about yourself most of all. You can learn some new things. You can't do EVERYTHING but you can do SOMETHING.

Be willing to start a small routine that makes a big difference
Also, one of the most powerful things you can do for yourself is to make a small checklist of things you need to do at the beginning of your planning period or break that make a big difference. My list: check paper in printers, check ink, 5 minute room clean up, restock paper if necessary, wash boards, put up anything the students didn't put back, check my inbox in the lounge, heat up my lunch, and whisk back to my room. This 10 minute routine makes a HUGE difference and everyone sees it. Even last year, I got compliments all year after February when I started this routine - about how clean my room was.

Trust me, this is a new leaf for me but it works.

Let's Get it Started - YEAH!
So, start a new year. Start a new routine.

And remember, keep that Att-I-Tude because excellence in the classroom truly starts with you - the classroom teacher.

Your whole school may be in dissarray - if so, blame the principal. But if your classroom is in dissarray there is no one to blame but you. This is your classroom. This is your year.

Remember your noble calling, teacher. You rock!

Off to school!

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