Join us for "Meet the Flat Classroom" on Monday #flatclass

Join us Monday for "Meet the Flat Classroom." I'm so happy to say that after our struggles with a potential hacker on our blogs/ google docs, etc. of the past few days (as I blogged yesterday), we've worked through the issues and our application forms are back up and running. THANK YOU to all of our friends who let us know about the problem and our friends at Google and my fellow Google Certified Teachers who helped us with the problems.

We're excited to share where global collaboration is heading in our corner of this beautiful educational global collaborative landscape. Feel free to join us and learn more about this and our book and how you can access free resource and information as well as join our projects or learn about our book. Julie and I will be there together for this action packed hour on Monday, so join us.

The official announcement is printed below.

Dear all

We are delighted to invite you to an online 'Meet the Flat Classroom®' meeting early next week. This is an opportunity to learn more about Flat Classroom® Projects and our non-profit organisation, Flat Classroom® Conference and Live Events Inc.
At this gathering we will -
  • Explain and review all current projects
  • Share Flat Classroom® Certified Teacher course details
  • Detail our upcoming live events and workshops
  • Talk about how to get involved with Flat Classroom® as a classroom teacher, as a leader as a pre-service teacher and as an expert advisor
  • Share excitement and details about our book, "Flattening Classrooms, Engaging Minds: Move to Global Collaboration One Step at a Time", due for release January 2012
  • and more.....!

Come and join us in BlackBoard Collaborate and hear how you can connect with other educators and students globally and embed collaborative learning into your curriculum.

Time and Date: Monday August 29 8:30pm EDT, Tuesday August 30, 8:30am China
Check your time at Meet the Flat Classroom on

For those who have already applied to projects for 2011-12, this is not the project launch meeting, but an opportunity to learn more about Flat Classroom®. We hope you can join us! 

Join us in this online meeting room:

Date and Time

Monday August 29 8:30pm EDT, Tuesday August 30, 8:30am China


  1. Introduction - Julie/Vicki - who we are, 5-year celebration coming up
  2. LLC/Projects review
    1. FCP and NetGenEd - Vicki
    2. Digiteen - Vicki
    3. A Week in the Life - Julie
    4. Eracism - Julie
    5. K-2 Pilot - Julie
  3. FCCT review - Julie/Vicki
  4. Live events
    1. ASB Unplugged - India February 2012
    2. FLATs (Flat Learning Action Talks) - The online talk you'll want to hear!
    3. Workshops and Conference guidelines - for schools wanting to host our events
  5. How to interact with Flat Classroom as a pre-service teacher - expert advisors, judges, sounding board classrooms
  6. Flat Classroom Book - Book Clubs and ways you can use the book to connect for global collaboration whether you want to join Flat Classroom or not!
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