Today is YOURS

I love my students. Today I will show it.

I want my class to be interesting. Today I will be interested in my students.

I want my students to learn a lot. Today I will explain where we are going with all this and why.

I want to be excellent in what I do. Today I will find one thing each student in my class does excellently well.

I want the support of parents. Today I will communicate with them about how their child can succeed and encourage them that parenting is worth it.

I want to learn useful things from my PLN. Today I will share useful things to others through my networks.

I want to be noticed and encouraged. Today I will go out of my way to notice and encourage others.

I want to be an excellent author of books that help people. Today I will share books from other authors that have helped me and help others live their dreams.

When I see that what I want can best be gotten by unselfishly focusing on others then TODAY has new meaning. You reap what you sow, if you plant watermelons you aren't harvesting squash.

If you plant a life of being helpful to others you will harvest a life you can only begin to imagine.


This is a TO-DAY.

TO - Take this day and think about who you want TO be. Let your TO's influence your DO's.

DAY- Remember that this Day is All Yours. It is yours to plan and yours to live. You can start a new habit today. You can be a new person today. You can begin a new journey today. This day is all yours!

Be noble. Remember this extends to family, parents, neighbors. Today, make someone else's day really special and by giving such a gift you will begin unwrapping a life of true excellence and meaning.

Remember your noble calling, teachers. It is a pleasure to be among you. There is nothing I'd rather do than teach these kids.

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