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Friday, January 06, 2012

Daily Education and Technology News for Schools 01/06/2012

  • 20+ Free educational opportunities from Shelly Terrell. not on the list (but yet to be announced.) 10 week flat classroom book club

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  • It is tough all over in education. This study from the UK. ".Research shows that annual public spending on teaching and research in England will drop to just 15 per cent – the lowest in more than a century. The decline in taxpayer funding is being offset by a sharp increase in student tuition fees."

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  • Researchers in higher ed looking for fundraising ideas may want to look into this report and their webinar coming up. "Best Practices for Prospect Research in Higher Education Fundraising, Second Edition. Originally released in the fall of 2009, this new edition contains significant updates and research intended to facilitate knowledge sharing and help institutions of education achieve a higher level of fundraising effectiveness.".

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  • High Beam research shares their pick for best education blogs. Some new ones and a few familiar ones too.

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  • If you like long listsvof Free educational resources, here is one for you. it starts with sushidog, one I had not heard of.

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  • If you live near this New Jersey theme park, you will want to participate in this reading program. ".Six Flags Great Adventure and Discovery Education are partnering together to offer free admission to the New Jersey theme park for K-6 students who participate in Read to Succeed, an online program geared to encourage students to read outside of the classroom."

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  • News article about how Flagstaff schools are using these tablet devices."Flagstaff Unified School District has about 500 new touch-screen mobile devices around the schools. Last spring, the district had one classroom set of Apple iPads for a pilot program. At that time, the tablets had only been on the market for about a year. The first tablets debuted in Nelson's class at Thomas and were purchased with grant money.The students took to them like fish to water, and FUSD bought more devices. Federal funds and grants have allowed the district to assemble its cache. An iPad would retail for at least about $500, and a basic iPod Touch for about $200, at the electronics superstore. Students do not take them home and, at least in Nelson's class, drafted their own user agreement that says they promise to be careful with the valuable computers."

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  • I love this reflection from another teacher in the trenches. Somehow, I don't feel alone in my stress when I read blog posts like this one from Patricia. If you want a pick me up to remember why you're in this profession, take a read...Excerpt"Teacher stress is very real but it's not unmanageable. Recognizing that you are experiencing it and acknowledging that it is a normal emotion in this profession is perhaps key to staying sane!"

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