Learning about Learning: Research and Edreform News and Views 01/03/2012

  • If you work with younger children under the age of 5, you will want to look deeper into this research that shows that words mean less to children than adults when trying to categorize things. ""In the past, we thought that if we name the things for children, the labels will do the rest: children would infer that the two things that have the same name are alike in some way or that they go together," he said. "We can't assume that anymore. We really need to do more than just label things."

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  • This is a research study I want to read. "A study of 20 elementary schools in Hawaii has found that a program to build social, emotional and character skills resulted in significantly improved quality of education. The program, which is centered on activities to build character, only takes about an hour a week away from traditional education, but has led to fewer suspensions, lower absenteeism, and better reading and math scores on standardized tests, researchers say".

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  • If you are going to flip your classroom, new research suggests you may want to use classical music as your background music. "New research from France finds students learned more when a videotaped lecture was underscored with classical music. "

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  • The LA Times carried an article about the link between physical exercise and learning. it is about time, although the primary conclusions of the several studies are that more studies are needed. cuttng PE may be cutting your test scores. Any Mom of a boy knows that they do better with some rough and tumble in their day (my daughter does too.) ".In the collection of studies, the article's authors found two they deemed high-quality, with both showing a strong correlation between exercise and better school performance."

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  • Awesome news. "Research in Learning Technology is the journal of the Association for Learning Technology. It aims to raise the profile of research in learning technology, encouraging research that informs good practice and contributes to the development of policy."

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