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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Learning about Learning: Research and Edreform News and Views 01/04/2012

  • Darren Draper has a concise, well written explanation of the 4 reasons schools should move to 1:1 with research cited. I think the part I like best isthat we are no longer saying 1:1 laptop but, instead 1:1 technology. I am forwarding this one to my technology committee.

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  • I have to admit that it was very hard to put into a few short words my thoughts on adaptive learning. I didn't really intend for it to center on the testing piece but I guess that is what the editors thought hadn't already been covered, although I do agree with everything I said on it. Of course, many will say we need much more than testing but I think the big point is that pencil and paper don't cut it. We are wasting time with how we test now and can be much more targeted in terms of what students know and how we can teach. Your thoughts?

    The biggest thing that bothers me about all these apps is that we have no learning analytics - no feedback loop at all to parents or teachers. I literally have to watch my son play his ipad learning games to really understand where he is and what I need to do to fill things in. 

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  • This Edutopia article is on intergenerational learning. we cover this innour Flat Classroom book because we believecflat learning spans regions, generations, and time itself.

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