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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Elearning and global competency #flatclass #globaled 01/11/2012

  • How this teacher uses Skype to connect her classrooms with others. I like the preplanning  - something that needs to be done to be ready for this.

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  • If you want to look into a Flat Classroom project for your school, applications are open. Our goal is to be the best collaborative learning experience where students co-create and collaborate together. We have projects for all ages and we're totally teacher run (most of us are full time and do this on the side or have classrooms in the project.) Find out more or ask me questions if you need to.

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  • The British Council Connecting Classrooms program has free projects for global learning on their website. It also has a way to find links with schools. I like that you can download templates.

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  • Here are projects from Skype in the classroom. Posted by teachers. A lot of teachers are looking for people to Skype with. There should be a better way, but kudos to Skype for doing this.

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  • Skype in the classroom has lists of projects that you can do with Skype. This is very innovative. Here is one using the Amy's Travel's multicultural children's book.

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  • This is just after ISTE. I hope that many of the ISTE people will be able to go there and vice versa.

    Asia Society's Partnership for Global Learning Annual Conference will take place June 29-30 at the Brooklyn Marriott in New York City.
    The two-day event connects educators, business leaders, policymakers and resource providers to share best practices, build partnerships and advance policies to ensure the next generation is ready to lead in an interconnected world.
    This year's theme is "Pathways to Global Competence" and the four conference strands are:
    Innovations in Teacher Practice
    Exploring the Global Issues of Today
    Going Global Through Technology and Media
    Assessing Global Competence Through Student Work

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  • A list of reading and literacy charities worldwide for 2012. This author has spent a lot of time compiling the list and asks for your feedback. Hope you'll help. We should NEVER throw away books, there are a lot of people who need them. In fact, I tend to not want to throw them away now anyway because I'm not replacing them like I used to. It is a bit scary.

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  • A program from Neustar to Kentucky schools about Digital Citizenship. Lots of people are jumping on this "bandwagon." I think my biggest concern is that:
    #1 It needs to be "real" and not based on preachy scare-based tactics
    #2 Students should talk with those who share the program - if it is just videos and worksheets, that doesn't cut it. 
    #3 To talk about and learn social media, you should be doing it. (That is what we do on Digiteen.)

    a major new initiative to bring social media digital literacy education to students across the state of Kentucky through a program called “My Digital Life.” Neustar will partner with EverFi, Inc., a leading education technology company, to provide this innovative, online student experience to all Kentucky schools interested in teaching and certifying their students in digital literacy skills and responsibility. Most importantly, Neustar’s partnership is making the cutting-edge program available free of cost to the schools and state.

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