Daily Education and Technology News for Schools 05/01/2012

  • Two of my students animated this video using the touch screen computers, hand drawing, and a bamboo tablet mostly using PhotoShop and paint.net. This is their freshman project and I'm so pleased with what they did. They wanted to encourage people to recycle and that they can change the world.Such a great job. I hope you'll share this video.

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  • This website was built by a student of mine, Brandon B, for his Freshman project, providing an authentic project. He did a lot of fascinating things like set up a Google calendar and photo album integration.

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  • Here is Riya's Medtech for tots website with videos and blog posts helping kids be unafraid of the doctor's office.

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  • Looking at Riya P's Freshman project is a joy. The daughter of a pediatrician, Riya wants to go into the medical field as well. She decided to create a video channel to help children be unafraid of medical equipment. Her dad was the cameraman and said he had a great opportunity to teach her all about the equipment. She far exceeded the requirements of the project. This is something that she will use for her life. We're burning a DVD for her to keep for the future, but you can also visit her website or YouTube channel. Such a lovely job she did. The students took 20% of their time working on a special interest project.

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  • As I assess my student's work, it is incredible what so many of them have done with their "google 20%" project. One day a week, they worked on a special interest project. I found this nugget at the bottom of the wiki page from my student who recorded an album of 10 songs. You can hear some of his work with the presentation.
    "It is only when you begin to actually feel the music that you are able to call upon your imagination and creativity to forge improvisations and compositions, and add yourself, or rather, or soul to the piece--the music actually expresses a part of you."

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