Daily Education and Technology News for Schools 05/31/2012

  • A collection of top tips for teaching including startres assessment and more with free resources from teachers.

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  • This article goes further on to describe bottom students who don't engage and go to school to get a degree, not an education.

    "Discussion with award winning professors still in the classroom finds another trend. They have experienced the “class of the night of the living dead,” characterized by blank stares and little interaction. These students often ask the professor to tell them what will be on the exam so they can pass the class. Too many young people are going for an expensive education to obtain a degree rather than an education. Standardized learning and other measures appear to be lowering the baseline of education in America. Just-in-time technology and multitasking are creating issues concerning quality of work and time management, which creates stress for students, professors, parents and grandparents.

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  • My Dad sent me this great article about the bell curve for kids and it may not be what you think. Professionalism, grades, attitude, emotional intelligence, these are all important things, according to this author.

    "The top 40% of students have a natural curiosity for learning, and they seek classes, teachers, and experiences that will expand their horizons. The top part of the bell curve will seek out friends and acquaintances who are very studious in their work ethic. They show up on time, follow directions, get along with people and do what they say they are going to do. They will balance class work with outside activities. Many will be proactive in developing internships or learning experiences that will move them to the next level."

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  • IF you have free content for teachers with no log in required to access the resources, you should consider becoming a tes "content partner." It is a great way to share your resources with the world of teaching. They can help you by getting feedback from the teachers and they can give you stats on how your resources are doing. It can help you drive traffic back to your site. Just be aware that quite a few US-based teacher resource providers are starting to join the TES network as they expand.

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