Elearning and global competency #flatclass #globaled 05/17/2012

  • This global wallplanner is an excellent tool to use in the classroom and for planning. My only complaint is that it is a bit small, you may want to print it out or enlarge and print on several pages- otherwise get out your reading glasses. Or you can do like I did and save it on your desktop and blow up the sizes.

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  • This wall planner has international days, weeks, and events to help you plan and highlight global themes to use in the classroom. You should download this and use it in your post planning to get ready for next year to include global themes in your curriculum. What a great thing to do during post planning to get ready and communicate.

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  • As always, no matter what site you use, think before you click. Do you know the person? Is the person you're working with the kind that can sniff out such things before sharing the link. Here's an article from cnet about how crooks are using pinterest and tumblr. This is the sort of thing to share with digitalcitizenship education courses.

    "Malware writers are aiming at such hot social networks as Tumblr and Pinterest to trap a new wave of victims, says a report out yesterday from GFI Software.
    "Established sites like Facebook and Twitter have long been a breeding ground for new cyberattacks, but now we are seeing scammers taking an interest in the popularity of newer sites like Pinterest in order to catch victims off guard and trick them into clicking on something they shouldn't," Christopher Boyd, senior threat researcher at GFI Software, said in a statement.
    Analyzing the malware landscape in April, the security firm found a host of schemes and scams directed at social network users.

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