Teach This! Teaching with lesson plans and ideas that rock #teaching 05/09/2012

  • If your students are studying the French election, here are some resources, videos, and other information to discuss what has just happened in France with Socialist Francois Hollande winning over incumbent President Nicolas Sarkozy. (One note, Hollande is promising a 75% income tax for the richest!) Use these resources to make this current event relevant. (High school social studies teachers, this is the kind of thing important in your classrooms.)

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  • A massive website of creative writing prompts - hundreds. Just point to the number and then use it. You could have students draw a number and write creatively for a few minutes each day in class.This is great if they get stumped on their journals. Writing a journal was one of the best things a teacher ever had me do!

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  • This lesson has students thinking with their senses to write creatively. While it says examprep, if you teach writing, you could download and use this to finish up the year. Classified for high school, but if you teach younger kids, think about how you can have a sensory experience (eating watermelon, for example) and have students write about the experience.

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  • This is a fun activity where you can build your own kaleidoscope. Zefrank has a lot of creative cool things like this.

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  • Here is a lesson about mirrors and angles using a kaleidoscope activity. 

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  • What a fascinating lesson plan (and a way to get students out during these last few weeks of school.) Find postcards from the past in your area and go and recreate the photograph today to compare the differences. This is a great lesson in both history but also photography. (And you could incorporate how photography as changed as well.) If you work with a local historical society, then you are "flattening" by removing classroom walls and linking up with others.

    "Use video or digital still photography to enhance lessons on local history and historical change. Students locate historic photos and then re-shoot at that location using a video or still camera. The combined photographic research will record changes that have impacted a community, give students a perspective on the history of an area, and contribute to a communities’ historic record.

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