Teachers Dancing Behind Students: Teachers get the last laugh (Viral Video)

The Teachers Dancing Behind Students video is going viral. I shared it last night on Facebook and this morning it had 200,000 more views.

In this video students "dance bomb" unsuspecting students who are being interviewed about their best memories of the school year. (Photo bombing is where you come into a photo and pose dramatically to take away attention from the center of the photo. Sometimes it is rude and other times it is hilarious.)

I so want to do this. Perhaps it is the time of year because we're all so exhausted.

More about the video:
It was made by the teachers at Abby Kelley Foster Charter Public School in Worcester and was shot for the school's end of year film festival during which teachers always have a humorous video as part of their submissions. (The Boston Globe reports that last year the video was the Godfather.)

This past Tuesday it was shown on the Today show and it has taken off from there. 

For me, seeing kids being pranked is hilarious and this video brings that out in us. Especially at the end of the year when we've worked so very hard for so long.

Do you prank your students?
I do have to admit that I prank my own students sometimes. My favorite prank is to hack the timer I use to do timed writings for keyboarding class. One time I had it set to sound like a bomb and accidentally turned the sound up instead of down and every student jumped so high - it looked like they levitated in their seats for a good 2 seconds. I couldn't stop laughing. (Another time I used a blood curdling scream but the kids were prepared because they were on to me.) Do you prank your students? (My students prank me too- one turned on the video camera and played a joke on me to get my response on film this week - thank goodness I responded well but it could have been unpleasant.)

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