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Saturday, September 15, 2012

A contract with your family

Urban & Nicki Meyer workingout
Urban & Nicki Meyer workingout (Photo credit: hectorir)
I was moved by Urban Meyer's contract with his children written by his daughter Nicki that he signed before he signed his contract to coach football with Ohio State.

It said:

1. My family will always come first.
2. I will take care of myself and maintain good health.
3. I will go on a trip once a year with Nicki -- MINIMUM.
4. I will not go more than nine hours a day at the office.
5. I will sleep with my cell phone on silent.
6. I will continue to communicate daily with my kids.
7. I will trust God's plan and not be overanxious.
8. I will keep the lake house.
9. I will find a way to watch Nicki and Gigi play volleyball.
10. I will eat three meals a day.

Do we consider our family when we make promises? Do we make a promise to them first? Do we make a promise to take care of ourselves?

Whether or not you agree with his ten points, it is about getting our priorities straight. In my church's film Courageous, the fathers made a pledge to their families called the Resolution.

In today's stress and struggle, it is important to know what you believe. To know your priorities must come before you can follow your priorities. If your life seems to be in a mess and you're not getting out of it what you feel needs to be happening, it may be time to set your priorities and live it. (You could start with 20 Questions to make you a better person to help.)

You are a product of your habits. (See "The routine of being amazing") Habits are decided. Let your priorities set your habits and you'll be aligned with things you think are important.

I challenge you to right now make a draft of your priorities. If you were going to sign a contract with yourself, what would it look like? With your family?

Don't rush out and write something and scrawl your name, such things should be taken with all seriousness and intention or they are just another reason kids have to distrust their parents. We need more commitments from parents. It is hard. It would be easy not to care. It is the hardest job in the world to be a parent. We're all flawed. Our kids are too. But it is something that should be done with care, intent, and purpose. We must be courageous.

Urban has me thinking about this and my kids as I work on book number 2 (Collaborative Writing in the Cloud) in the office today. Think about priorities. I am.

Remember your noble calling, parent. No one can do your job but YOU. You ROCK if you care. Do you dare to level it up? Be a better parent.

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