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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Daily Education and Technology News for Schools 09/26/2012

  • Nice article on student advisory groups as part of school climate reform. The climate in a school is so important. "According to the latest National School Climate Study (2012) "A growing number of State Depart¬ments of Education are focusing on school climate reform as an essential component of school improvement and/or bully prevention" (page. 2). Schools are often looking for quality ways to create a safe atmosphere for students. Using advisory groups is one way to promote a healthier and more nurturing school climate. Student advisory groups are not what you are probably thinking. This doesn't just mean that school social workers and school psychologists work with groups of students who are in need. Advisory groups are small groups of students that span the grades in the school system and every staff member has a part in it. It can help make a large school feel a little bit smaller."

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  • "The students were surprised that I was allowing handheld games. I made the decision for several reasons, one of which is that I don't like to ban things that I think have positive potential. I feel that it is our job as educators to teach students how to use something properly rather than ban it because it makes us uncomfortable. We do that a lot in education. We don't like something or do not fully understand it so we ban it. However, some very innovative districts are researching ways to allow students to bring in their own devices. They understand that we either get on board with technology because it's an integral part of our students' existence or we get left behind, and schools can't afford to get left behind. In a report entitled BYOT: How Personal Technology is Transforming the Classroom, Greenwood-Henke says, "The "Y" and "O" are much more important that the "T" in BYOT"."

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  • A linked in survey reviews the technologies on their way out in the next 5 years. An interesting post for office managers and administrators of all kinds to read. I think that you should ask what is replacing these things. If you're blocking Skype and VOIP, you're stuck with a desktop phone, for example.  Topping the list.  "1. Tape recorders (79 percent) 2. Fax machines (71 percent) 3. The Rolodex (58 percent) 4. Standard working hours (57 percent) 5. Desk phones (35 percent) 6. Desktop computers (34 percent)"

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