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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Daily Education and Technology News for Schools 09/12/2012

  • I just posted this on our Chapter 1 discussion from Flattening Classrooms, Engaging Minds. These forum posts are connected to the essential questions from each chapter and anyone can contribute. It is linked by QR code to the forum so that the conversation can happen outside the book with anyone who joins in. The forum is starting to light up with contributors and it is exciting. This is what I just posted today on this post. I just want to note, with tears in my eyes, that it is amazing that it takes a bit of time from the day we completed the book (just a few days after this post was made) and when the book gets into the hands of the kind of people who are commenting below. I just want to say YES YES YES and dance around when I see the comments that are happening here. Hats off and welcome. It is time to talk about this!

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  • Teacherpreneurship is customizing the classroom. Yvonne Caples, Lisette Casey, Getchen Cherian, and Xavier Espejo-Vadillo wrote a "quad blog" on this topic. This is a slightly different way of "quad blogging" than some of have done where classrooms comment on each other's post, but rather, is a collaboratively written post by four teachers. They've done an excellent job. We'll talk about this in our Flat Classroom certified teacher post. I think the toughest part is whether we can use the word "I" in a quadblog and our certified teachers will wrestle with that tonight in our meeting.

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  • Jure is my go-to person for really understanding social media. I sat down with him at Microsoft four weeks a go and the advice he gave me doubled my Twitter followers each day, while making my life easier. I read everything he writes on the Huffington Post about social media and if you're responsible for getting your school or organization's message "out there," you should too. This is an emerging field as schools work to help their brands in the "marketplace" and while you may recoil at me calling it a marketplace, in five years, when schools are out of business because they didn't understand the competition that is coming through the Internet, you'll clearly see what I'm saying. Everyone and every organization has a brand. You can manage it or it can be managed for you by your naysayers and fans in a harem, scarem way. I'd rather be proactive and positive in my efforts. Read this article, but here's a quote I think that sums up much of what happens with social media brands online: "What happens instead is that brands simply place themselves on a social network in an effort to engage potential consumers, and then fail because they are not using a multi-dimensional approach. Instead of connecting and engaging, they go at social media like they strategize advertising -- here's what we want to say and here's how we're going to do it. When it doesn't work, they end up blaming the network instead of acknowledging their role in failing to incorporate object and timing into their plan."

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  • Learning Models used by Professional learning teams in effective schools from the Department of education and training in Victoria Australia. This is an excellent graphic and includes: Peer observation, study groups, case discussions, lesson study, and examination of student work.

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