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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Daily Education and Technology News for Schools 09/16/2012

  • Many students are not globally competent. This includes geography, current issues, and how to connect globally and is all what flattening the classroom is about. It is essential that your students connect with the world. This infographic is one to share with your school board and parents, both of whom are often reticent to connect students because of fear. They are asking the wrong questions. Not, "what are we keeping out" but "who are we bringing in?" Where are we connecting? It is time to flatten the classroom. (See flatclassroombook.com for more info.)

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  • Alfred Thompson, my go-to computer science expert says about programming apps: "I think there is extra value in app programming. I think that the constraints  placed by the smaller form factor makes students think about their user interface in valuable ways. And makes them appreciate what goes into the professional apps they think should be free. The amount and types of storage forces them to think about efficiency of storage and look into cloud storage (and processing) which are keys to the future of computing.  I also think that the sooner students start developing using new user interfaces (touch, voice, motion, etc.) the sooner we get really creative ways to use our devices. The question in my mind is not should students write apps but for what devices and using what tools." I have students who want to do this and I must learn how to guide them.

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