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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Daily Education and Technology News for Schools 09/18/2012

  • Awesome "recipe"to save a file to a dropbox folder and have it printed. I'm going to do this - then I can go to school and have printed anything I need from my ipad the night before. It uses Dropbox, ifttt.com, and automator. Cool and useful.

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  • I am going to be getting this book, which was a topic of discussion last week with Dan Pink. He says that the author (aptly with the last name of 'Tough') says: "The book takes on what Tough calls the “cognitive hypothesis,” the idea that success hinges on mental processing speed and traditional brainpower. Instead, citing lots of interesting research, Tough shows that “non-cognitive skills” – perseverance, optimism, self-control, and so on – are actually what matter most." Perseverence, optimism, self control. These are things I drill into my students. "No Whining" signs grace the walls. "Never never never give up" is on my fridge at home. I'm going to read this and perhaps share it with my parents at school. Wow.

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  • I love what Classroom Window is doing by surveying teachers and reporting the findings and am an advisor to the company. They did a fantastic job with their flipped classroom survey and have 5 more. If you care about helping make some sense to the hype, take the time to give your feedback in these areas -- teachers only. (Follow this link to give feedback on these surveys.) "We’re excited to announce 5 new TeacherView Surveys on Adaptive Math Programs, Classroom Apps, Online Test Prep, Student Response Systems, and Interactive Whiteboards

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  • Choosing to matter is becoming HUGE. Here's a guide to the directories and ways that students and schools are flattening their classrooms as they choose to matter.

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  • How to enable offline Google Drive (GoogleDoc) editing and some droid features. As always, Chrome works best with these features. Test them out and try them. Also, you'll want to download the Drive App on your Droid or Apple device.

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  • The "official" announcement of Google Drive which is a mesh of dropbox -like storage and a built in editor of all kinds of things (formerly Google Docs.) You can "install" Google Drive but don't have to to usethe services. Don't get confused, it is still Google Docs, although I've found an enhanced drawing feature in Docs when testing with my students this week.

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  • Stephen Downes, one of the leading thought leaders in edtech, discusses K12 Moocs and their potential. Julie Lindsay and I work with students of this age all of the time. While there are certainly some students who would do well in a MOOC, many need guidance and focus, particularly at the younger ages. It is still possible and doable and something I'd like to work with in Flat Classroom if there are others who might be interested, let us know. vicki at flatclassroom dot org

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  • Google Scholar now has a new feature for those who publish and create articles. It searches articles (in your scholar profile) and will scan the web to find other articles relating to your topics of interest. This is something for researchers to delve into.

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