Discussing Viral Projects tonight on Wow2

We're talking about viral projects

: Kevin Hodgson, 6th grade teacher, Southampton, Massachusetts & Technology Liaison Western Massachusetts Writing Project
has a great video his students sing backup to his song, "Waiting for the world to get it right!"

Bio link (as part of a collaborative blog site): http://teacheng.us/?page_id=43
My Blog: http://dogtrax.edublogs.org/
My Classroom Blog: http://epencil.edublogs.org/
Youth Radio Blog: http://youthradio.wordpress .com/
Western Massachusetts Writing Project: http://masswp.org/wmwpnews/

and George Mayo, Wendy Drexler, William Ferriter who worked with the Many Voices of Darfur project.
We're going to talk about viral projects, how they start and how they "take fire."

Exciting discussion!

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