Overheard today: "We don't live in tents!"

One of my extremely excited and talented assistant project managers for Horizon Project has set up an appointment to instant message the project manager in Doha, Qatar today. They had an appointment for 8 am and 12:30 noon! (Uhm -- we got out at noon for spring break!).

As they made their intros and said hello, first she exclaimed to the class:

"Hey, guys -- they go to school on Sunday through Thursday."

Another one of my students didn't "get" what she was saying and said, "Let them just TRY to make ME go to school on Sunday."

"No, you don't understand, she said, their weekend is Friday and Saturday."

Now this is interesting because I had told my students this... in fact, I have told them multiple times, however, it was this exchange that got their attention. It was this exchange that TAUGHT them!

Then, as I peeked over her shoulder (as I always do when my students are instant messaging), I saw this conversation. (I got permission to take a shot of the screen over her shoulder.)

...and on they went about misconceptions about the culture of South Georgia and the Middle East. It was a conversation that impressed me with its depth, breadth, and humor.

It was an honest, real exchange between two students who were very professional but very authentic at the same time.

We've only entered the "handshake" phase of this project and yet the conversations move me almost to tears when I see the almost visible shifting of my student's world views.

It is something that needs to happen more!

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