Web2 Soliloquy

a simulpost with TechLearning

This day whilst the songbird doth sing
dreams twhirl amidst the smothering
of incessant feeding which twould make the glutton pale
the socialite face his ale
and the nymphomanical digg for protection.

Oh, the little peeps twitter
sliding their share of patience with the clatter.
Sweet delicious sleep, shall I find thee in this fog?
Hit my nob log!
Make me eschew iki traps that take my time!

For to control the harssing barrage of mud
and not let it drown me in the flood
To extract meaning in the mire
is truly my sole desire.

I will find the answers with my friends
like a refreshing wind
helping stem the tide that would inundate
and make sense of what would frustrate.

To take the torrent alone
would make fools of us all.

I wrote this silly poem today while thinking about how unmanageable all of the torrential RSS streams are and how much I depend upon my friends to teach me, help me focus, and determine what is important.

I also thought it would be fun to see how many of my very favorite tools I could integrate without using a new web 2 word -- I did fudge a bit on blog and wiki because I couldn't leave out those dear friends of mine in this poem!

Enjoy and have a little fun this weekend. No one says you have to read EVERY twitter, EVERY blog post, EVERYTHING in your RSS reader... it is not realistic! Let your friends be your filter!

Have a great weekend!

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