YOU SPEAK: Looking for Current Research on Interactive, Study Focused, Customized Learning Methods of Teaching -- Please Share!

I received this e-mail today. I've edited out who it is from and the author's name who is requesting it for privacy reasons...

I have several research topics that I've uncovered for this request but NEED to know what you have. (Don't have time to post the links.) Please share your insights, projects, and RESEARCH! Thanks!

" Vicki -
Do you have evaluation studies showing the impact of Flat Classroom project or Horizon on academic achievement (or other social benefits - like higher school attendance, fewer behavior problems, etc.)??? ***AUTHOR**** is looking for evidence [if] the new model of pedagogy (interactive, student-focused, uses inquiry methods, customized for individual learners) like your programs use are “working.” In addition to evidence from your programs, if you could direct us to any other evidence from programs similar to yours that you know of – that would be great. We’re working against tight book deadlines now (yay, the end is near), so any info you could get us soon would be much appreciated!"

We are in the process of doing studies on these projects but do not have any full scale information to be released. What we've found from a very small sample is that we've seen an increased willingness on the part of the students to work with and befriend people from other parts of the world (particularly those who they consider are very unlike themselves) as a result of the project. We're testing this with our horizon project now.

We are looking for researchers for Flat Classroom in October - December NOW who would be a third party to be involved in this research. We're offering.

HELP! What do you have that I could share today? Post here or message me on twitter.

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