Have a Laugh from the Little Rascals - "Bored of Education"

Lest you think kids getting bored in school is a new thing -- this great Episode of the Little Rascals entitled "Bored of Education" (sorry it is not embeddable) will give you a laugh and help you remember that certain issues in school (absences, "homework-itis", "schoolitis" and boredom) have always been there.

Sometimes I think educators get tired of dealing with the typical problems that have always been there and try to make it seem totally like a new thing. But I see some things that happened in my classroom today in this little rascals clip!

Rebellion, boredom, change, improvement... these are always the struggles of good schools.

And when things change in society A LOT as they have in the last 10 year years.. it takes a while for schools to play catch up.

I just love seeing the Little Rascals-- it gave me a little perspective today.

I've got a lot more to tell you soon -- gotta run to tennis and church!

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