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Saturday, September 19, 2009

The 2 R's: Running & Reading

While reading a great post from Lisa Thuman, (what a great blogger!) she shared this video from Will Smith:

While I wouldn't say the 2 Keys to life are Running and Reading (would be against my personal faith) - I do totally agree that the disciplines of running and reading do make a person a better person.

As one who has re-found running and can now run over 8 miles without stopping (a big reason that schools should have iTouches in their PE program - if this fat 40 year old can run 2 miles, why can't our kids?)  it helps me handle stress.

I totally agree on the benefits of reading and how reading can help you unlock the potential for greatness and solve your problems.  And the benefits of running - oh, running is such a joy to me.

What a great blog post from Lisa, full of many nuggets, please take a read!

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