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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

RESEARCH ALERT: Systemic and Planned Approaches to Using Technology Improve Learning

This new paper from BECTA (in the UK), "Evidence on the impact of technology on learning and educational outcomes" says:
Schools that take a systematic and planned approach to using technology to support learning achieve better outcomes with technology than other schools. These ‘e-mature’ schools have a well-developed vision for learning and lead and manage their use of technology in support of this.

So, I challenge you to read this paper today and ask yourself:

Is my school e-mature or e-immature?

The spastic, stop and go, misinformed, knee jerk type planning that many of us have come through should become a thing of the past as we move to planned, systemic, overall plans for our entire schools. It is never about just ONE teacher. Although one teacher can open eyes and show it can be done - it is about overall systemic change.

Sometimes people point to me and say "but you're only one teacher, what is the rest of your school doing?" Well, my school is improving and growing as part of our overall curricular plan and increasing in the use of technology daily - but you don't know that because they don't blog and it is OK - you just get my piece of the pie as is the nature of blogging. To date, the teacher's favorite tool is Discovery Streaming, but many are moving past that valuable resource into other tools including Promethean Boards, projectors, and some online tools. (We call Discovery Streaming our "gateway technology.")

So, again, share this with your administration and ask the question about e-maturity.  Research based best practices don't just apply to the classroom - but they apply to ADMINISTRATION as well and this is certainly one you can point to!

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