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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Meet Ashley Lambert and Her Desire to Lead to the Investigation of the Mind to Learn

This from Ashley Lambert, a student at the University of Alabama after watching the Digital Smarts video that Edutopia posted about my class.

Ashley Lambert says at the end of her post:

"[We need to] adapt the curriculum in a way that leads to a investigation of the mind to learn and not just using a test on paper with a pencil. We all indeed learn differently, which makes each and every one of us truly special."

Oh, Ail22 - you are so right on, and yet, many of us bemoan a system in so many schools that is pushing teachers to increasingly standardize and group plan.  We must remember how the English defeated the Spanish Armada - the behemoth ships that could not move because of their size and bulk.  Our success is dependent upon empowering Teacherpreneurs like you to adapt the curriculum.

Don't you just love her use of words here "leading to the investigation of the mind to learn."  Is it too revolutionary to allow teachers to adapt what they are doing?

Oh, Ashley - keep on your path of learning and do not let anyone steal the joy and passion for teaching we already see in your blogging.

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