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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Some New Twitter Lists

Last week, I shared about some lists made over on Tweepml that made it easy to follow - well, when I came across Mashable's list of 100+ literary authors to follow on twitter, I couldn't resist making some more lists and digging out some new ones.  I always tell people - don't judge twitter until you follow at least 50 people.  Note that if you've already followed someone, no harm is done and you have the choice to not follow someone when you click the button - you just check the list - it is so useful.:

112 Authors on Twitter from Mashable

To get all of them, you'll need to follow both lists!
Educator Lists

Just click the links below to be asked who you want to follow.
Comedians on Twitter

I ripped the Mashable list of 85 comedians to Follow on Twitter (be careful when you do this or it rips twitter names from comments)

PLEASE LISTEN MASHABLE (and other Web 2 sites)
And this is a request from a reader of Mashable and other sites that give twitter lists.  Just use Tweepml to generate lists for us and make our following so much easier and less manual.  PLEASE!

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