Group Following Educators on Twitter: How to Get Beginners Started

Making it easy to create lists to follow on Twitter.

Just came across this post by my friend, Marshall K, about a new service called TweepML which lets you create lists of users. He's created one about the Real Time web, but of course, I want to make one about educators.

The only problem is that I truly hate lists like this because some people might just swoop through and think that they've followed "everyone". So, here we go - I've started a list and want you to add to it. There are lots of cool tools out there: Free Tools for Educators has a list of 7 ways to find teachers on Twitter and I went to Liz B. Davis' Google Docs Spreadsheet of educators on twitter to attempt to rip from that list, however the links aren't hyperlinks so I couldn't do it.

So, I headed over to Connexions and ripped the list of 100 featured educators on twitter. Now, I have 100 educators from that list to share with you on this list from TweepML.

Educators on Twitter
Educators 2 on Twitter - (Update as of 9/16/2009 - Tweepml will only let me put 100 people on a list, so I've started a new list to let us add more educators.  Go to this list and request to be added and I'll be happy to let you add it. 

The code generated says: Follow Us On Twitter or a cute little button that looks like this:

Educators - (from the connexxions website)

Educators 2 List

(additional educators who have been added since the list was first generated -- follow this one too or if you want to be included in the list, go to this page and "suggest a user" and I'll be happy to add you.)

So, this lets you create a list of twitter users and have people be able to follow them in one swoop! Makes it easy.

Help this list expand from 100!
Now, there is NO WAY this includes everyone - so if you want me to add some to this list - this is what I ask of you -- put as many of them as possible on ONE web page and make sure that the proper link to the userid is there. i.e. coolcatteacher would link to - then, I can go in and rip it into the list and we can have a fast, easy way to follow the educators on twitter.

I do not defend or claim to say that the list of 100 Featured Learning Professionals is definitive but it is a start. This will help Twitter have meaning for people who are getting started.

Note: As of September 16, I cannot go over 100 - so I've created an educators2 list to capture all the great suggestions that are coming in from the Internet.  Keep 'em coming - let's make this easy for beginners to build a great PLN.

Also, feel free to make your lists of history teachers, science teachers, etc. and share the links for others.  Please, just remmeber to make it so that people can be added later.  If you ask people to put all the links they want to add on one page (like on a wiki) it will make it easy to add them!

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