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Thursday, September 17, 2009

It's My Data and I'll Take it Where I Want To

Big news from Google this week (hat tip to Mashable for this one) you can get your data out of Google using the Data Liberation Front, sponsored by Google itself.

Also a great article from Lifehacker on Drop Box and how the author uses it to allow for password portability and also how you can use dropbox like a thumb drive to run your portable applications (how cool is that?) and remotely run your computer.

There are a few things I felt that needed adding to the curriculum this year for computer applications and one of them was how to run apps from a thumb drive - however, I'm thinking perhaps we should use DropBox instead.

It is vital that students understand how to keep their data secure, how to back up their data, and how to easily port their data from one computer to another.  Thumb Drives are notoriously easy to lose, although they do hold up very well in the washing machine - I'm thinking dropbox may be a better alternative.  What do you think? 

How are you teaching your students to move their files, back them up, and secure passwords? 

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