Create Checklists in Evernote to Save Time

While I use the "Secret Weapon" method of organizing Evernote, I wanted to give you a glimpse of taking those tasks you do just once or twice a year and making them so much easier. As a teacher, sometimes I procrastinate because I just don't want to take the time and energy to find things.

As I've been reading the Checklist Manifesto, I'm now taking time to start creating checklists to make life easier. Included in the checklist in Evernote, I'm linking and embedding the files so that I can easily take care of business.

If you look at the tasks I have to do in the Evernote note below, they have files attached to them and information. Instead of searching for that email I used last year to welcome parents, and finding that file, it is all in one place. I uncheck the boxes so I can start over this year.

This is very helpful for those PowerSchool queries for the academic banquet and very geeky things I Have to do infrequently for Flat Classroom. Since this is the beginning of the semester, it is a GREAT time to make these checklists and embed these files. Note that sometimes I just make a shortcut to a file and put that in the note, but I do pay for premium evernote, so I have the space to attach the files. I'm still curious as to exactly HOW evernote embeds the file.

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