When a student notices: as close to perfect as teaching can get

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As I'm grading and giving feedback to students, some of them are sending me responses. I'm literally crying over this one -- I've just included part of it:

"You are my roll model, and I want to be like you. You have so many unbelievably wonderful qualities that I wish I possessed too. I'm so thankful for your integrity and love for your students. You amaze me! I can't tell you how grateful I am to have you for a teacher. God bless you and happy New Year!"

How could God have blessed me so much with students who take a minute to know that teachers have feelings too and that we often wonder if all that we give is worth it -- if anyone notices?

Just want you all to know that I'm still here. Yesterday was the first day I've felt human in over a month with one of the worst illnesses I can remember having in a long time - largely exacerbated by a very tough schedule this December. This winter break has been a blur interjected with shots and doctor visits, quite literally.

Encourage kids to given genuine thanks...teachers need it

If you have child and they have a teacher who meant something to them - have you thought about mentioning that they might want to pass along a note. I have a tag in evernote that I file all of these "atagirl" comments that I read over when I feel hopeless and like I can't make it any more. Teaching is a high burn out job and we do these things to keep ourselves on track and focused about the main thing...our students.  You'd better love them...or you'll leave them...quite literally.

Give genuine feedback to your students... they need to know they're not a number.

Also, if you would like feedback from students, perhaps you should be giving them feedback as well as this was part of a response I received in response to a personal message I mailed to this student through my class Ning.

Today, I needed this, and the fact that it comes from a precious 8th grader that I adore dearly, it means so much more.

As close to perfect as teaching can get

Tears of joy...back to grading and giving good, quality feedback to my students. I'm not perfect but sometimes, just sometimes, when someone says thank you, it feels as close to perfect as teaching can get.

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