Teach This! Teaching with lesson plans and ideas that rock 01/29/2013

  • The idea that only positive feedback is needed is WRONG and this new research demonstrates the importance of positive feedback and criticism. This is worth a read and sharing between teachers. "Confusing, isn’t it? Thankfully, brilliant new research by Stacey Finkelstein (Columbia University) and Ayelet Fishbach (University of Chicago) sheds light on the seeminlgy paradoxical nature of feedback, by making it clear why, when, and for whom negative feedback is appropriate. It’s important to begin by understanding the function that positive and negative feedback serve. Positive feedback (e.g., Here’s what you did really well….) increases commitment to the work you do, by enhancing both your experience and your confidence. Negative feedback (e.g., Here’s where you went wrong….), on the other hand, is informative – it tells you where you need to spend your effort, and offers insight into how you might improve."

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  • February is approaching and Edutopia has a list of tools that you can use.

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  • My friend Alfred Thompson went back into the classroom on Monday. After leaving Microsoft, he just couldn't stay away from the classroom. He's such a great person and I know he's going to rock the classroom. I've always recommended his blog and suggest that you follow him and subscribe to his blog as well, particularly if you teach computer fundamentals or computer science or applications.

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  • A nice round up of some incredible math teachers. If you're a math teacher, you'll want to go to these sites and click on the RSS button and add it to your Google Reader. If you don't have a google reader go to reader.google.com and just paste in the links to each of these blogs and it will put them into the reader for you. Then, when new articles are posted on the blogs, your reader will put them together in a magazine like format using the RSS (really simple subscription) technology. Go for it.

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