Take the hassle out of tough tasks: Make shortcuts to your action steps

A good filing system includes not only the files you need but the action steps, all in one place. Earlier this week, I talked about recording checklists and action steps in Evernote.

But what happens when you go to a folder and don't remember where you put those action steps? I create shortcuts to the evernote notecards for that action step.

Wherever you put your checklist, you should link to it so it is bundled with the files that will be used. Here's how. But know this, checklists will save you time, mistakes, and I've found they curb my natural desire to procrastinate hard tasks because I know that it is all in one place.

Step 1: Copy the Note Link

If you can get a shortcut to anything, websites, google docs, one note. This process will work in other apps, if you just replace the step 1 with however you copy from that resource. I'm an evernote fangirl, so we're using Evernote.

a. Go into Evernote and open the card that you want to link to.
b. Click on Note
c. Click on Copy Note Link as shown in the graphic.
The link is now on your clipboard. Immediately do the next step. If you copy anything else. it will write over this link.
Click Note --> Copy Note Link 

Step 2: Create a Shortcut in the appropriate folder (PC Instructions)

a. Go to the folder where you want your shortcut
b. Right Click and select New and click shortcut with the left click button
Right click in the folder --> New --> Shortcut

c. Click in the "Type the location of the item" box and press the Ctrl key on your keyboard and the letter "V" at the same time. Click Next.
Press the Ctrl key on your keyboard and the V key simultaneously to paste in the link.

d. Type a name that will make it clear what this routine is. Click Finish.
Add a descriptive name

e.You now have a nice shortcut to an evernote notecard for the routine.
It is now in the folder. You could begin the instructions with a
special character to put  it at the front of the folder like a period.

Remember that you can use this for wherever you have the routines. The reason that I like using evernote instead of lots of tiny documents is that within evernote or any notetaking app, you can search and have routines. If you look back at the original card, the tags I use will prompt me for what happens in January and I can lay my hands on it, for example, if I need information or instructions.

This is an example of something I do once a year. It took me 2 hours today. I'll be interested next year how much time it takes me when I don't have to dig deep and remember what I did last year.

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