Daily Education and Technology News for Schools 01/13/2013

  • The virtual presence ishere. This set of wheels, stand, and extending arm turns your ipad into a virtual you. So, for $2K you can have a presence at a location and facetime into the classroom. The price is $1999 but there are applications for this.  "Double is the simplest, most elegant way to be somewhere else in the world without flying there. The minimalist design and intuitive touchscreen controls allow you to freely move around without inconveniencing others. You can stay at eye level, whether sitting or standing, by adjusting your height remotely, which makes conversations fluid and real. Retractable kickstands will automatically deploy to conserve power when you are not moving around. Efficient motors and lightweight design give Double the ability to last all day without recharging the battery."

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  • RSS is still here. I like this RSS guide written for students at LaGuardia College. Students should know how to build an RSS reader and subscribe to things like Google news search and google scholar to build a research tool that will pull information to you on the topics of interest.

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  • This article is perfect for librarians wanting to utilize free books and help students "check them out" (if you can even use that term.) Here are three methods, the only thing I would add is that you can create a library with Evernote instead of springpad as well. Pass this one on. "three methods for creating and sharing a digital classroom library with your students. In all three cases, I’m going to assume that you have a source of free eBooks (Amazon’s Free Popular Classics, Google’s Play Store Top Free Books, or Project Gutenberg) and an app to read those books (Amazon’s Kindle app, Google’s Play Books app, Aldiko for Android, or iBooks for iOS)."

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  • Cell phones can be used in very powerful ways in the classroom. Our fifth grade teachers have moved ahead with BYOD because they are promoting the habitude of curiosity from our workshop this week with Angela Maiers. They have a one strike policy - if you're caught off task, you may not bring the device back to school. They are loving it and enjoying it. This is a great article to share about some ways to use smart phones in the classroom.

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  • Home automation systems are being installed by many (like me) who use things like wemos and motion detectors to customize the system. In this video, a person captured robbers on their home automation system ip camera and have caught two of the robbers already. 

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