Beware of over automation: an endless ifttt loop gone wrong

I use to automate. Well, yesterday, something happened - I'm still not quite sure what -- that triggered an endless loop between Diigo and Blogger via

It posted over and over just links to this blog and the words "Cool Cat Teacher Blog" and as soon as it was on Blogger, it bookmarked to Diigo when posted back to blogger.

So, I've turned off the autopost to Blogger via - it is done and it won't happen again. I've learned a lesson - sometimes things happen that you don't really understand and it is best to totally control some things - especially blog posts.

Needless to say - all of these links were posted to Facebook and Twitter too. AURGGH.

Stay away from "recipes" that automatically post to your blog - especially if your blog posts send out automatic messages everywhere else.
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