Your elementary students are overweight? Power Rangers to the rescue!

Download the Power Rangers Empower curriculum.
Enter the sweepstakes to have the Power Rangers
come to your school.

Last week when I kept Children’s church, the children said they didn’t want to play “Mother May I” but could they play Power Rangers. Each 4 year old was a ranger and had a job and role to do. Interestingly, when I was approached by a potential advertiser that uses PowerRangers to promote healthy living and habits, I was already primed and keen because I know that children are already play and pretend to be Rangers.

This curriculum is perfect for younger children and should be one you email to your elementary teacher friends. You could adapt for other ages as well.

As a person who has struggled with maintaining a healthy weight, this topic is near to my heart. We HAVE to create engaging, powerful health content to use with children and after reviewing this material, it is a GREAT start (and it is free.)

The emPOWER program takes the “teamwork, confidence, health, and physical activity” motto’s of the Power Rangers and puts it into a free curriculum for you to use in your classroom.

According to the creators of the program:

“The Power Rangers emPOWER Challenge program provides teacher-approved in-classroom activities aligned to national curriculum standards for grades 1-3, utilizing the Power Rangers to inspire kids to eat healthy, exercise, and develop teamwork and confidence.  The program provides resources, recipes, and tips for parents, too.”

Each "Power Rangers emPOWER Challenge" classroom guide contains:

  • Classroom activities that introduce important life skills and help build healthy habits
  • Student worksheets to distribute to your class with exercises that build verbal skills
  • A parent mini-magazine that explains the program and provides healthy recipes
  • A certificate of completion for participating students

But you can also apply to have the Power Rangers come to your school!

The Power Rangers emPOWER Challenge School Sweepstakes will award a $5,000 donation and a visit from the Power Rangers Megaforce to the winning school or nonprofit after-school program. Make sure to download the kit and enter your local elementary school or after-school program in the sweepstakes! Registration is open until March 31st.

Enter the Power Rangers emPOWER Challenge School Sweepstakes today - and let us know if you've been implementing the program in your classroom how it's worked.

The students love the Power Rangers and I am glad they are using their social cred with the younger generation for a good cause. I hope if you’re a teacher in grades 1-3 that you’ll Download the free kit now and tell your friends. You can download each piece separately as well. Thanks.

Yes, I’ve accepted this organization for one of the few advertising spots on my blog because I like the program, it is an important cause, and this organization is providing free resources for teachers. That is a great fit.

How do you teach students about healthy living? Please share in the comments what you are doing and also, how you like this program. I'd really like to get your feedback.

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